Thursday, February 27, 2020

Thoughts of College Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Thoughts of College - Essay Example This has enabled me to go attend lectures, pay attention in class, and get interested in classwork, as well as other school activities. In addition, personal motivation has enabled me to spend most of my time in the library doing research and extra reading instead of going out and having fun all the time in my free time as most students do. Finally, personal motivation has enable me to do my assignments on time and well, which contributed greatly to my good grades. However, I feel that I may encounter several challenges to personal motivation especially in my educational path. One such obstacle is procrastination, which is a state of postponing activities or tasks until last minute. This may be an obstacle because it will hinder me from finishing my assignments on time, as well as studying for exams early enough to have ample time for preparation. These are some of the obstacles that make students perform poorly in their studies. Another obstacle maybe influence from friends or peers. There are several students who do not take their studies seriously, and during their free time all they do are class unrelated activities without minding classwork. Moreover, some students do not even attend lectures increasing their chances of failing exams. There is a strong influence from friends and peers to engage in such behaviors and forget about classwork, and this may be an obstacle to my educational achievements. My plan for addressing the obstacles is setting clear educational goals on what I want to achieve. Then, I set a timetable or framework of how I want to achieve it. This strategy will help me avoid procrastination since it eliminates possibilities of laziness. In addition, it clearly outlines activities to be done with a strict schedule that leaves no room for procrastination. Another plan of addressing obstacles to achieving my educational goals is exercising self-control to avoid influence from peers and

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